Advanced Appium Framework

Pre-requisites –

  • Followed Basic Appium Course
  • Knowledge of Basic Appium capabilities for iOS and Android
  • Basics of any programming knowledge

Target Audience –

  • Having a basic setup knowledge about appium for iOS and Android
  • Software Testers who want to contribute for Test Automation projects from Scratch
  • Manual Testers who want to develop frameworks for Automation projects

What Can You Expect –

  • Real Time Project Experience for Test Framework Development from Scratch
  • Actual Way of using UNITTEST Framework for Assertions
  • How To Write Data Driven Tests for Appium


Course Content –

Configuration of Appium with Selenium Grid –

  • Setup Appium with individual Devices
  • Configure Appium instances with Selenium Grid using node config files
  • Run Tests on devices using selenium grid

Automation Framework Folder Structure –

  • Basic building blocks of framework
  • Utilities
  • Page Object Model

Unittest Framework –

  • Basic Structure
  • Assertions
  • Running Tests together

Data Driven Framework –

  • Create a Testbed in JSON format
  • Json Parser
  • Generalize the Test Scripts based on data in json

Reporting –

  • HTMLTestRunner

Git –

  • Concepts of Git
  • Git Flow / Branches
  • Installation and Configuration for Git Repo
  • Contribute to the repository using basic git commands

CI / CD using Jenkins –

  • Installation and Configuration of jenkins
  • Create Simple Jenkins jobs to drive Appium Tests
  • Create parameterized Jenkins jobs to drive Appium Tests.
  • Integrate Jenkins with Git Repo